Frequently Asked Questions



If we are not satisfied with the condition of the vehicle we have ordered, are we still obliged to purchase it?

NO. We do not oblige you to purchase a vehicle, which is not in excellent shape. From our statistics, our success rate is 98%. We try intensely to meet or exceed your expectations and ensure you are satisfied with the vehicle.


What information of vehicle is shared before we decide to buy it?

Once we know your search criteria, we send you emails with the details of the vehicles which match your search criteria, with Carfax History Report attached. The vehicle details including any minor scuffs or dents are shared prior to the go ahead


Is the vehicle inspected prior to purchasing the vehicle? 

YES. Generally any used vehicle should be inspected. The vehicle can either be inspected by our qualified outsourced maintenance facility or a facility of your choice. We always ensure we provide a status of brakes, suspension, and powertrain prior to delivery.


Do we know what the vehicle will cost prior to purchasing it?

YES. We provide you with a pre-purchase price based on recent wholesale prices of the vehicle. This will allow you to properly plan your budget prior to buying the vehicle. You can also know how much you are saving prior to purchasing the vehicle.


How does it work to buy with AutoEdr?

Once you have the details of vehicle and like the vehicle and price, we go ahead and buy it. We detail the vehicle for your viewing. Once you are satisfied, we prepare all transfer of ownership documents and you can take delivery at the place of your choice.