Choosing The Right Car for You



Accidented versus non-accidented

A vehicle, which has been previously repaired due to accident, may eventually give premature corrosion, paint peeling or paint fading, therefore a previously accidented and repaired vehicle usually loses value. We strongly recommend avoiding vehicles, which have been structurally damaged and repaired. Therefore, it is important you request a CarFax history report prior to purchase. Dealerships generally will pay less for an accidented and repaired vehicle at the auction. At the retail level, dealers do not necessarily declare whether the vehicle has been accidented. You may be paying full price or may think you are getting a good deal not realizing the vehicle you have purchase has been previously accidented.


Importance of mileage

A general rule of thumb to follow is 20000 km’s per year. Any more than this is considered high mileage. If you are planning to do more than 25000 km’s per year, we do not recommend purchasing a high mileage vehicle since you may have difficulty reselling it after a short period you had it or absorb a large depreciation value to sell it. High mileage can be good for someone who plans to travel 10000 to 15000 km’s per year. Also, a vehicle with mileage around 100000 km’s usual should experience a sharp decrease in price due to the uncertainty on whether the timing belt or other major parts have been replaced.


Choosing the correct vehicle

Many people will sometimes buy a vehicle without doing much research. This usually leads into an impulsive purchase, resulting to being disappointed with the vehicle forcing you to resell it, which can result to a loss of money. You should take the time to do some research to ensure the vehicle you are purchasing fits your needs. What to consider is size, how many doors, what are you planning to use it for, and fuel efficiency. At AutoEdr, it is part of the services we offer to guide you in the right direction to ensure the vehicle you will purchase suits your needs. Our unbiased opinion, since we deal with any car company can help you be totally satisfied with the vehicle you choose. Inspection Prior to purchasing a vehicle, it is important to have the vehicle inspected. This can give you a good idea on the mechanical condition. Have the inspection performed by your mechanic or an independent repair facility in order to have an unbiased opinion on the vehicle. Avoid having your vehicle inspected by other dealerships with repair facilities since they may discourage you from purchasing a perfectly good vehicle, so they can sell you one of their vehicles.


Buy what you need

Many individuals sometimes will over extend themselves by buying the 7 passenger, or the Navigation system, fully loaded vehicles when they don’t really need all the added options which they may never use. The vehicle you are buying should match your character, which means ensuring to buy a vehicle with options you enjoy or need. Ie: No one uses the Navigation system of the vehicle anymore, and find the backup camera much more useful. Feel free to talk to us so we can guide you in the right direction.